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About Us

Everyone has a story, and we’re no different. We figure since you are kind enough to invite us into your facility, the least we could do is introduce ourselves properly.

Our Business

Sayyah’s Cleaning, Inc.™ is an all-inclusive, commercial janitorial service that, for over 30 years, has provided the highest-quality service where details make the difference. We service over 200 Tampa Bay Area clients comprised of many corporate and multi-tenant Class A properties, automobile dealerships, banks, hospital and medical facilities, out-patient facilities, and others. Developing and maintaining an outstanding relationship with our clients is an important element to our success. We are driven to provide the highest quality service possible.

Our supervisory staff is a professional management team that provides the client/contractor relationship expected to maintain the standards required by our clients. Some of our Account Managers have backgrounds in management and others have backgrounds in hands-on cleaning services. Together, we offer a balanced, unified understanding of just what it takes to get the job done which, of course, is your greatest concern.

The Account Managers’ primary function is to take care of the client. We eliminate headaches so your Facility Manager or our clients don’t have to. Fewer calls mean the Facility Manager can concentrate on the other important aspects of their position and less on cleaning situations. Obviously, situations can occur; but we strive to minimize them or, even better, head them off at the pass before they materialize. This is done because we stay in communication with and are available daily for you, our client. In addition, our Account Managers are bi-lingual and can communicate, if needed, in a language understood by our crew members, the wishes and concerns of the client. This supervisory method keeps the lines of communication open and the job gets done with professionalism and ensures that the client is more than satisfied.

Also, we focus on not only janitorial cleaning but providing a full range of services, including but not limited to, all areas of hard floor care, carpet care, window cleaning, garage floor and service drive cleaning, pressure washing, painting, and more. Relative to janitorial services, we continually train our Account Managers and crew personnel in the newest and most effective products and equipment available.

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