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Thank you very much for your interest in Sayyah's Cleaning! You will be contacted promptly!

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How to Clean Up Flood Damage

Here in Tampa, we are currently in the middle of getting pounded by Tropical Storm Debby. After one day, you can hardly get anywhere in Tampa without a boat. Many areas are already flooded and there is a lot more rain expected. I have to be honest, I did not expect this kind of rainfall. We have a real storm this time, so I went out and found this article from EHow on how to ... Read More


5 Places You Forgot to Clean

You do a very good job when you clean. You are as thorough as possible. You get the edges, the baseboards, you clean under things. Did you know that you might still be missing things? Here are 5 places you may be forgetting: 1. Ceiling Fans- They are very clever, hiding out of our normal field of vision and so we often forget them. However, they also harbor a boatload of dust that will get dispersed ... Read More


Photo Gallery – Sayyah’s Cleaning

  We want to make you look good! Schedule your free consultation today! If you liked this, please share it and leave a comment below!

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We’re Going Streaking!

I probably got your hopes up with that title, but today we're going to talk a little bit about streaky mirrors. Isn't it a pain when you get finished cleaning your mirror and it winds up covered in streaks? It's frustrating, but it just so happens that it is very avoidable. Here's how: Choose Your Weapon You can walk down the cleaning aisle at any given store and be bombarded with a myriad of choices in glass ... Read More


Aspirin is Like a Janitorial Service

As I write this today, I have a headache as those of you following us on Twitter know. What does one usually do when they have a headache? They reach for an aspirin, don't they? I did, too. That moment of taking the aspirin gave me a thought. Aspirin has more in common with janitorial service than you might think. It's reliable. Once you find your aspirin of choice, you have confidence that it will relieve ... Read More


6 Steps To Remove Toilet Stains

Did you ever get those ugly stains on the inside of your toilet? Yeah, they bug you don't they? Generally, they are due to mineral deposits from water. Those are the ones that don't go away with your regular cleaning. Don't worry though, here are some quick tips to banish them permanently. Empty the bowl. There should be a valve coming out of the wall and connecting to the toilet. Turn the water off and then ... Read More


How Yoda Cleans His Kitchen

Well, today I have a real treat for you. Last week on my personal blog, I shared what Darth Vader has taught me about social media. Well, over the weekend I got a phone call from a familiar voice. "Interview Yoda for your next blog, you should." Who can resist that? I told him that my next blog would be here and he agreed to let me interview him about how he cleans his kitchen. ... Read More


What Mario Can Teach You About Bathroom Cleaning

You folks are full of surprises. On Monday, I wrote what I billed as "the dorkiest piece I've ever written" on my social networks. To be very honest, I was a little rusty on writing and I thought I would just do a fun little piece and shake that rust. I did not expect a lot out of it. You guys loved it though. It got shared, it got re-tweeted, it got liked, more than ... Read More

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