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CHANGES IN STORE for YOUR Janitorial Services?



As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 rolls in, Sayyah’s Cleaning is very thankful and appreciative for:

  • current and long-term client base and relationships
  • wonderful office management, trained field staff and competent support services
  • vendors with much knowledge and drive to keep providing the best products

These three things combined has made Sayyah’s Cleaning a top commercial janitorial service provider in the Tampa Bay area since 1983. We’re headed into our thirtieth year! Phew! Who would have known that would come to pass from so long ago. Things were different then and rightfully so. Without change; businesses fail.

So, as we progress into 2013, the dynamics of business continue to change; and we look ahead toward continued relationships, as well as new ones.

If you are seeking to make a change and want to see better results for your dollar, perform the “White Glove Test” for yourself.

Do you have dust where it should not be?


Perform your own test

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If you already know you are ready to entertain a change for 2013,

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sayyah’s Cleaning: 813 961 1445.

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