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What Defines Quality Cleaning Services?


Quality is the cornerstone of every successful, customer-centered cleaning organization.  It is a standard that most commercial janitorial cleaning services strive to reach in order to grow and sustain.

The criteria of quality includes:  defining cleaning service requirements, measuring performance, and continuing to produce the standard set on a consistent basis.

While every cleaning company has its own tools of performance measuring the real starting point is the customer’s satisfaction and THEIR DEFINITION OF QUALITY. 

So, perhaps, QUALITY is best defined as “meeting customer requirements”.    For each customer Sayyah’s Cleaning provides a written scope of work to define the customer’s expectations for their facility.  These are mutually agreed upon between the client and Sayyah’s Cleaning, as their chosen service provider, regarding tasks and frequencies.

Is simply meeting this written scope of work enough in the customer’s eyes?  Usually it’s required that we provide more!  Over and above is our policy at Sayyah’s Cleaning so as to bring professionalism to our commercial janitorial services.

We are challenged (as are all service providers) with the fact that customer’s needs and expectations constantly evolve.  Sayyah’s Cleaning solves these concerns by providing highly skilled Account Managers to intercede and provide proactive solutions on a daily basis.

This brings us to customer communications.  Sayyah’s Cleaning finds that it’s the communication that defines our services for the client.  Inspections and supervision are of utmost importance but it’s the communications that enables us to be able to educate the customer about performance levels and sooth their concerns.

We encourage our customers to tell other colleagues about our services and their cleaning satisfaction.  Sayyah’s Cleaning continually communicates and seeks to excel so as to build long-term customers.

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