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Who Should Do My Office Cleaning?



It would be easy to sit back and just say, well we should do your office cleaning. I mean, we do kind of do office cleaning for a living and all. It’s an important decision though and one you should not take lightly. So how do you choose? What questions should you ask? Do you just go for the lowest bid and hope for the best? Well, we’re here to help. Here are some things you’ll want to know before making your decision.

First, think about your needs.. For example, how big is the office, how often you want the cleaning to be done, how much money can you afford to pay and when do you want service to begin. Some companies can begin the same day you sign the contract but some need longer to recruit and train.

Meet with some of the companies. Explain your needs and let them explain what they can do for you. This is how you’ll be able to start narrowing down your options. If you can’t get someone to come out and meet with you, move on. If it’s a problem before you even sign a contract, imagine what it will be like after.

Something that should always be on your list to ask is if the company has adequate insurance. If not, you put yourself at serious risk because as safe as everyone tries to be, accidents do happen. If the company is not properly insured, you are going wind up in trouble. Also ask for cleaning check list which includes the areas to be cleaned and the tasks they will perform. Make sure it is made clear what services are included and which will incur additional charges.

Ask for references! This is a great way to find out the quality of the company’s services. Any office cleaning service worth its salt has plenty of satisfied clients. This is the best way to examine the reputation of the office cleaning company you are dealing with.

Another important factor is reliability. Does the cleaning company have the assets and manpower to be able to handle your office cleaning requirements to your satisfaction? Can they cover things in the event of janitor illnesses, vacations, or emergencies? What happens if someone suddenly quits? Is it going to be an issue for you to get a hold of someone if you need anything or have a concern?

Your office says a lot about your company and you don’t want to trust your office cleaning to just anyone. If you’re in the market for office cleaning service, you may choose us, and you may not (we of course hope you do!) but we hope that by posting this, any decision you make will be well informed and be to the greatest benefit of your facility.

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