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6 Steps To Remove Toilet Stains


Did you ever get those ugly stains on the inside of your toilet? Yeah, they bug you don’t they? Generally, they are due to mineral deposits from water. Those are the ones that don’t go away with your regular cleaning. Don’t worry though, here are some quick tips to banish them permanently.

  • Empty the bowl. There should be a valve coming out of the wall and connecting to the toilet. Turn the water off and then flush the toilet.
  • Wear gloves. Don’t debate me on this one, just wear them. Protect yourself from whatever germs and bacteria might be in there.
  • Pick your favorite toilet bowl cleaner and apply it around the entire bowl. Make sure it is non abrasive so you don’t scratch the bowl.
  • Use a pumice stone and scrub the stains. They won’t just magically disappear but if you throw a little muscle at it, you’ll see it works very well. Do this until all of the stains are gone.
  • Don’t forget to turn the water back on!
  • Repeat the process whenever the stains show their ugly face again.

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  1. Useful and smart tip! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Happy to provide information that’s helpful to clean stains. Thanks for the comment!

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