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7 Tips for Cleaning Your Shower


Well, it’s April already, can you believe it? I was thinking this morning about the old saying “April showers bring May flowers” and I had the idea that I wanted to dedicate April to different shower cleaning tips. Can I come up with enough content to support a whole month of shower cleaning? I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back to find out! To start us out today, I wanted to give you some basic tips for shower cleaning.

  • Step 1- Gather Your Stuff

    You don’t want to try and clean around all of your bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, do you? Gather all of that up and put it aside for the moment. Don’t forget the bath mat. Also, since you’re in the neighborhood, this is a good time to toss out any empties and wipe down the bottles.

  • Step 2- A quick rinse

    Fill up some kind of container or bucket with hot water and just give the floor and walls of the shower a quick rinse. All you’re trying to accomplish here is washing anything loose down the drain.

  • Step 3- Toodle-Oo, mildew

    Before I start this step, I just want to briefly mention how much I love that the title for this step rhymes. Just about anywhere, you can pick up a mildew remover in a spray bottle. Spray it on your shower walls and then let it sit. This part is important, it needs a few minutes to get its work done. Follow the instructions on the bottle for specific instructions. Then just wipe it clean or rinse it off.

  • Step 4- Soften up those hard water spots

    To remove hard water spots, make a 1:1 mixture of hot water and vinegar. Use it to scrub out those spots. This works especially well on your fixtures. After all, who doesn’t love shiny fixtures? I’m pretty sure it was the name of a jazz musician. Moving on….

  • Step 5- Heads up!

    Unscrew your shower head from the supply pipe. Be careful though, make sure you support that pipe so you don’t accidentally break anything. Soak the shower head in a bowl of straight vinegar for a few hours, longer if the buildup is severe. Clean the holes with a toothbrush and rinse it off. Then reattach it to the supply pipe.

  • Step 6- You can never go down the drain

    Look, I think over the time you have been coming to this blog, you have learned that I am going to give it to you straight. Mainly because I care about you. This step is not particularly fun. I’m very sorry, but it has to be done anyway. Unscrew the drain cap if you have that style of drain. If not, however you access the drain, now is the time. If you can reach in there, use a plastic shopping bag or a glove and get all of that hair out. If it is too small for your hand, a big knitting needle works really well. There are also products made just for this task that you can pick up at the plumbing section of the hardware store of your choosing.

  • Step 7- Heavy buildup

    Sometimes we get busy. Sometimes we forget about cleaning our shower. Sometimes we have to pay for that forgetfulness. If you have heavy buildup, try using a scraper to loosen it. You may also use a heavy duty acid based cleaner but please, please, please be careful. Read the instructions thoroughly and the warnings too.

That is it for week one of April Showers. I will go more in depth on some of these steps as the month goes on and if you are very well behaved, I may find a video to share with you. Yeah, visual entertainment!

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