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Clean Up From the Attack of the Hostile Microbe



Know Your Enemy’s MO (Method of Operation)
You should know that for a bacterium or virus to survive and multiply, they must have food and a supportive environment. This food can be as simple as a smudge on a door handle, light switch, table surface or other area where the microorganism settles and begins to grow.

Just because that food is microscopic and thereby invisible to the naked eye, does not mean that it is not sufficient to enable the growth of C. diff (Clostridium difficile), MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) or a host of other hostile microbes.

These diseases (hostile microbes) can be passed on from person to person through contact, in the air and via touch points.

The human hand carries all the nutrients and conditions to promote the growth of germs and microbes. When these hands touch a surface they “apply” these to the touched surface…hence, “Touch Points”.

How Does the Enemy Thrive?
Perhaps the most hostile environment for a microorganism (both friendly and not so friendly) is a clean, dry surface exposed to air and light. Many microorganisms thrive and multiply between 95-100 degrees (which places the human body at 97.6 right in the middle).

Our Best Defense – Dwell Time and Daily Cleaning of Common Touch Points
An application of an appropriate disinfectant for a sufficient contact or dwell time (suggested to be 5 or 10 minutes) is crucial to stopping the growth and eliminating the risk of contagion. Also the use of a clean, quality microfiber cloth (0.3 microns) after the disinfectant has been dwelled for the entire time is the best way of eliminating all or most of the pathogens.

Studies have shown that bacteria levels are 80% higher on drinking fountains and locker doors than on a toilet seat most likely because a toilet seats get cleaned regularly.

Public Cleaning Prevention is Required
Office areas which require attention regularly would be door handles, switch plates, computer mouse, telephones, etc.
Retailers should sanitize daily credit card keypads and pens at their check-out counters, elevator pads, gas pump number pads and fuel handles for example.
All these areas can help to contain the threat that hostile microbes can bring.

Management for public facilities, offices, retailers, etc. should be very aware of touch points and provide their janitorial staff the tools and knowledge so as to clean these areas effectively making the environment healthier for personnel, students and consumers.

Some of the above material referenced from www.CleanLink.com.
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