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How Cleaning Your House is Like an Action Movie


If you’re anything like me, you love going to the movies. You love the action, suspense, and drama of the movie. You love seeing previews for movies you will see in the future. You love reviewing the movie with your friends afterwards. The whole experience is quite enjoyable. Also, if you’re anything like me, the thought of doing house cleaning gives you a moment of dread in your mind. What if I told you that you can apply some things from your favorite movies directly to your cleaning?

  • Just about every movie has a hero, a villain, and a central conflict. Think of yourself as the hero. Dirt is obviously the villain here. Central conflict? You 2 are battling it out for control of your house.
  • Did you ever have a busy week? Then by the time you get a free moment to tackle the house, it is filthy. That is right out of the movies. The villain appears to have the upper hand and the hero seems down and out. Heck, maybe they’ll even give up. We’d better keep watching to see what happens.
  • The comeback begins. You roll up your sleeves and you devise a plan. We’re going to start in the bathroom. Once we claim victory there, we move to the kitchen and we don’t stop until the house is sparkling! This part may also be summed up in a montage.
  • Now it is on! You begin the fight. The bathroom falls easily and so do the bedrooms and the hallway. However, once you’re in the thick of cleaning the kitchen, the villain’s stronghold, you start to lose steam. Oh man, is the hero going to pull through? Then, seemingly against all odds, you summon the strength not to just finish the kitchen but to clean behind the appliances too! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide! The hero wins again!
  • The aftermath. You get to revel in your victory over the villain. You get sit in your clean living room. You get to have your feet up on your clean sofa and possibly enjoy an adult beverage while watching some TV. Job well done.

I wanted to do a fun post as I have not been able to post here in a few weeks for issues outside of my control. I am glad to be back and going forward I will be doing 2 posts a week, which means there will be a sequel to this post. Imagine if you will, the credits have just rolled and Nick Fury appeared holding a Swiffer duster.

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2 Responses to “How Cleaning Your House is Like an Action Movie”

  1. Gah! This is awesome! I am cleaning the house after a week of bridal shower mania and it is a wreck! This is so fitting for the day I’m having! Thank you!

    • Kerri
  2. Happy to be of service!

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