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How to Get Sharpie off of Everything


The Sharpie marker is our friend. It tells us what is inside of boxes. It helps our favorite celebrities autograph our memorabilia. It let’s us now what date we put the chicken in the freezer. It also has a darker side, though, in the wrong hands. It ruins paint. It disfigures couches. It redecorates floors. So, what can you do when your child grabs your beloved friend and uses it against you? It turns out the answer is probably in your garage and this introduction paragraph is longer than the process.

  • Find a can of WD-40.
  • Find an old rag.
  • Spray the rag with the WD-40 and apply it in a circular motion to the effected area. *Always try a small test area first just to be safe* Gently scrub the marker.
  • Wipe up the remaining marker with a clean rag.
  • Hide the markers somewhere higher.

That is all! Easy, right?

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2 Responses to “How to Get Sharpie off of Everything”

  1. I’ve had about a 95% success rate with toothpaste. Just the plain white stuff.

    • Ally
  2. Really? That is awesome! I hadn’t heard of that as an option.

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