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Office Restroom Etiquette


Many of us work in offices for at least 8 hours a day. It stands to reason that at least once during that day, you will need to use the restroom. The restroom is likely the place you’ll spend the second most amount of time, besides your desk of course.

The thing about the above statement is that it is also true for all of your co-workers. In the interest of making the daily restroom visits as pleasant as possible for all involved, here is a little “Bathroom Code” to live by in your office. Follow these tips and all will be able to go in harmony.

  • Scrub Those Mitts!

    This rule is not just around for food service people. Especially in the business world, you will shake many hands throughout your day, not to mention all of the people in your office you have the ability to spread germs to. Make sure you’re washing your hands after you use the restroom.

  • Cut the Jibba Jabba!

    Unless your urinal neighbor is on fire and unaware of it, there is never a good reason to conduct a conversation while urinating. You can almost always wait until you are both outside. Most people are very uncomfortable having a conversation while urinating even though you might not be. It’s probably a good idea to just hold that thought for a more appropriate time.

  • Ensure That There is Always a Square to Spare!

    There are few worse things than that moment you discover that your cottony white friend is not there when you need him. If you’re the one who finishes the roll of toilet paper, the responsibility falls to you to ensure it gets replaced. If you can’t personally change it due to a locked cabinet or something of the like, contact the office manager or someone in charge of re-stocking. This will help ensure that one day you don’t find yourself in one of the most awkward of all bathroom situations.

  • Potty Time is Not Phone Time

    Ahhh that awkward moment when you are on the phone with someone and you hear a toilet flush. This one is a double whammy. It’s rude to anyone else in the restroom plus it’s very inconsiderate of the person your are on the phone with. I know the call is super important and it can not possibly wait another second, but your bodily functions should probably be kept a bit more private, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Remember That You Have a Bathroom at Your House

    Maybe, just maybe, the restroom at work is not where you should get ready for work. Shaving, toenail clipping, etc is better done at home. Similarly, try to avoid bringing reading materials into the work bathroom. You’re just trying to do your business and get back to work, not getting deep into Car and Driver, especially if stalls are at a premium in your office.

  • A Clean Restroom is a Happy Restroom

    In this instance it is a good thing to treat the restroom as if it were your own. Everyone working together on this one will really make a difference. Spray air freshener when applicable. Clean up any water you splashed on the sink and pick up any paper you might have dropped on the floor.

Using a shared restroom can be an awful experience if people don’t know how to share properly. Follow these tips in your office restroom and hopefully you will avoid the potty police.

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