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We’re Going Streaking!


I probably got your hopes up with that title, but today we’re going to talk a little bit about streaky mirrors. Isn’t it a pain when you get finished cleaning your mirror and it winds up covered in streaks? It’s frustrating, but it just so happens that it is very avoidable. Here’s how:

Choose Your Weapon

You can walk down the cleaning aisle at any given store and be bombarded with a myriad of choices in glass cleaners. Many of them work well. Believe it or not though, the Glass Association of North America actually recommends using warm water with a soft, lint-free cloth. Still there are others who use their own homemade mixture. You can find a variety of different recipes online. Pick your favorite!

It’s All in the Technique

You want to use something lint free. If you don’t, you’ll get those little fuzzies on your mirror. A micro-fiber cloth works, so does a newspaper which sadly is the best thing you can do with them these days. Spray your chosen cleaner on to the cloth. This part is important. Did you ever see a mirror that had that black flaking look around the edges? That can be caused by cleaner getting in behind the mirror so best to just spray the cloth or newspaper. Wipe down the entire mirror, making sure you get all of the spots and noticeable dirt. Then, use a second cloth, this one dry to get every last bit of moisture off of the mirror. That should keep you streak free.

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