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What Lies Around and Provides Dirt Control?



ah-HA!      FLOOR MATS!

What do floor mats have to do with your janitorial service?

Most buildings I walk into have floor mats just inside (and sometimes outside) the entry.   Why is that?

Because floor mats are a key component for Building/Facility Managers to maintain safety and sustainability with little investment.   Janitorial services should encourage floor mats,  as floor mats make it easier to maintain floor surfaces and provide safety.

What exactly do floor mats do?

  • prevent dirt and moisture from accumulating on carpets or hard surfaces (which diminishes unsightly damage)

  • increase the lifespan of flooring

  • dirt from foot traffic is trapped within the fibers minimizing moisture and dirt particles throughout the building

  • reduces slips and falls by minimizing slippery substances on facility surfaces

Floor mats do have to be deep-cleaned or laundered (not just vacuumed) and the frequency depends upon the traffic volume.  Vacuuming becomes less effective over time as the fibers of the mats lock in the dirt.  Cleaning is a minimal investment so that the carpet continues to do its job and the floor itself doesn’t show much wear or damage.

Types of Mats

Scraper Mats – These are placed outside the building entrances and are comprised of high-quality, patterned rubber to provide superior scraping ability—this removes tough dirt and soils from shoes prior to crossing the threshold.

Brush Mats – Located adjacent to scraper mats directly inside the doorway.  These act as a corresponding dirt and moisture magnet.

This two-mat system dramatically reduces the likelihood of falls in high-traffic areas by minimizing the accumulation of slippery substances.  Utilizing non-skid, standard, dirt-control mats throughout a facility will diminish buildup, providing safer floors.

Standard Mats – are constructed of specially-engineered fibers designed to trap particles and lock them beneath the surface, and the mats are also capable of absorbing up to a gallon of liquid.  These features eliminate cross-contamination by preventing dirt from being re-deposited onto shoes and tracked through the building.

So, when you enter a building with mats………slightly SHUFFLE YOUR FEET so as to scrape your shoes off.  Take advantage of the safety factor these mats offer you.  Might just be what keeps you standing upright!


Sayyah’s Cleaning of Tampa Bay can help you in selecting and maintaining your floor mats and floors.

Give us a call and let’s work through this small but vital aspect of your building’s safety and floor protection.

We want to make you look good! Schedule your free consultation today!  813 961 1445


Portions of this article were taken from Cleaning & Maintenance Management, June 2012 issue, written by Chris Mayer.


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