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What Mario Can Teach You About Bathroom Cleaning


quote openThank you, Mario! But our princess is iquote closen another castle!

You folks are full of surprises. On Monday, I wrote what I billed as “the dorkiest piece I’ve ever written” on my social networks. To be very honest, I was a little rusty on writing and I thought I would just do a fun little piece and shake that rust. I did not expect a lot out of it. You guys loved it though. It got shared, it got re-tweeted, it got liked, more than anything else I’ve ever written. There’s probably a lesson for me in that, but I will cover that on my personal blog. Anyway, since you enjoyed my dorky side, I thought I would keep it going today.

Mario is a classic video gaming icon. He is one of the most recognizable figures in gaming history. Even if you are not into video games, you know who Mario is. He has spawned countless merchandising dollars and taken many of us on countless adventures we will never forget. Me, I am a Super Mario 64 guy personally. So what does Mario have in common with cleaning your bathroom?

  • Mario’s battle never ends. If it did, there would only be 1 game, instead of the dozens that actually exist. It seems that every time he saves the princess, she has gotten herself captured again before the after party is over. Doesn’t your bathroom seem that way too? You work to get it clean, and it seems dirty again by the next time you go in there. Well, Mario keeps fighting and so should you.
  • Mario keeps using what works and experiments with new tools when necessary. He still uses the mushroom to grow larger and he still uses the star to become invincible. Over the years, he has found things that give him flight, that help him swim better, and a bunch of other things that help him in different ways. Is that any different than how you approach your bathroom cleaning? You fall in love with a certain brand of toilet bowl cleaner or a shower cleaner. You use them faithfully for years. Eventually you find a new tool to help you clean better. Maybe a different brush or a different sponge. It all works together to make you the most effective.
  • Mario made it a family affair. His brother, Luigi, was right there with him many times. Don’t hesitate to set up a chore chart and get the whole family involved in keeping the bathroom clean.
  • Mario took what he learned on his adventures and applied it elsewhere. He took his skills and tools to the race track, to the tennis court, and even to parties. Maybe you tried something that worked really well on the bathroom sink. Try it on the kitchen sink. Find a cleaner that works really well on the bathroom floor? Maybe it works well on similar floors in your home.
  • Mario never backed down from a challenge. Some of the things he has had to do throughout the years to accomplish his goals are astounding. He has had to wear a water jet pack and clean up the world. He has had to jump into paintings to magical other worlds to do battle. He has had to take to space. He has had to hop into pipes with no knowledge of where they go to. Sometimes you will run into cleaning challenges that seem unbeatable. Don’t you back down either.

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Content manager for Sayyah's Cleaning, I manage all of the content here on this website as well as all of our social media accounts.

2 Responses to “What Mario Can Teach You About Bathroom Cleaning”

  1. What a clever way of applying Mario (the plumber) to bathroom cleaning! Keeping a bathroom clean is definitely an on-going battle.

  2. Thank you! I try to make cleaning as entertaining as I can. Being a huge nerd helps 🙂

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