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Offices and Class A Buildings

Your office says a lot about your company, so don’t trust your office cleaning to just anyone.  Sayyah’s Cleaning has over 30 years of janitorial and office cleaning experience.  We not only know how to make you look good, but keep you looking good all of the time.  From staff to cleaning products to equipment, we go the extra mile making sure to take care of you.

We will customize our cleaning specifications to meet your facility requirements.

Sayyah’s Office Cleaning Advantage

  • Staff

    Sayyah’s Cleaning continually trains its staff in the latest equipment, methods, and technology.  Our staff is always prepared to handle whatever may arise.

  • Equipment

    We only use the latest equipment ensuring the best level of cleanliness everywhere we clean.  With an in-house equipment technician, equipment failure never slows us down.

  • Cleaning Products

    We consistently test new products in our own office to be sure that what we use in your office does the best possible job.  We also use Green Cleaning products upon request.

  • Account Managers

    When you choose Sayyah’s Cleaning, you get your own Account Manager, who is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of anything you may require.  Is something not done the way you’d like?  Would you like to add additional service?  Do you need an emergency cleaning?  With ONE CALL to your Account Manager, you can relax with the knowledge and assurance that your need is taken care of.  Plus, your Account Manager will visit you, in person, regularly, to make sure everything is going the way you’d like.

  • Experienced Supervisors

    It is our policy that an experienced Supervisor is on the premises while we are working in your facility so you can have peace of mind that your facility is left in good hands.

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