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Clean Up From the Attack of the Hostile Microbe

  Know Your Enemy’s MO (Method of Operation) You should know that for a bacterium or virus to survive and multiply, they must have food and a supportive environment. This food can be as simple as a smudge on a door handle, light switch, table surface or other area where the microorganism settles and begins to grow. Just because that food is microscopic and thereby invisible to the naked eye, does not mean that it is not sufficient ... Read More


Let’s Talk Keyboard/Mouse Cleaning!

  Is It Time To Clean Your Keyboard? Disinfecting the key areas in your office to kill bacteria and germs helps to keep down the potential for cross-contamination via touch points, which occurs on desk drawer pulls, computer keyboard, mouse, telephones, wrist rests, and arm rests just to name a few. Doesn't the Janitor Clean My Keyboard? Since these areas (keyboards, mouse and monitors) are usually cleaned by the desk occupant (not the janitorial service) they are often overlooked.   Janitorial services will clean ... Read More


5 Places You Forgot to Clean

You do a very good job when you clean. You are as thorough as possible. You get the edges, the baseboards, you clean under things. Did you know that you might still be missing things? Here are 5 places you may be forgetting: 1. Ceiling Fans- They are very clever, hiding out of our normal field of vision and so we often forget them. However, they also harbor a boatload of dust that will get dispersed ... Read More

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