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Janitorial Closets – What Can Yours Tell You?


Most buildings have closets where the mops and vacuums are stored don’t they?

                       What’s in YOURS?

If you were to walk to your Janitorial closet, open the door, and take a look, what would it tell you about your custodial service?

What would you find?

Go ahead……take a look and come back and finish this read.


Just on the surface, if you found the closet, organized, clean, smells pretty good; well, your cleaning service probably is equally as efficient.

If you found the closet to be a bit stinky, the mop head is dirty, the barrel is full of trash from the night before, and things are unsightly and out of order.   You may ask yourself, “How can anyone perform their janitorial cleaning with any sense of pride and diligence.  How are they taking care of my building?”

A dirty closet could possibly reflect the type or quality of service the janitorial staff is providing to your facility.

Perhaps it’s time to evaluate your current janitorial services.

If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, in Florida, call Sayyah’s Cleaning today and perform your own White Glove test…

….…we’ll even provide you with The White Glove!

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