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Aspirin is Like a Janitorial Service


As I write this today, I have a headache as those of you following us on Twitter know. What does one usually do when they have a headache? They reach for an aspirin, don’t they? I did, too. That moment of taking the aspirin gave me a thought. Aspirin has more in common with janitorial service than you might think.

  • It’s reliable. Once you find your aspirin of choice, you have confidence that it will relieve your headache every time. Otherwise, you’d try something different, wouldn’t you? Is your janitorial service reliable? Do you have confidence that it will be done right every time? Do you have the confidence that if it something isn’t right, it will be corrected promptly?
  • Aspirin is easy to get a hold of when you need it. Janitorial service should be the same way. How about your janitorial service? Can they be reached any time you need them?
  • You tend to look on aspirin fondly. No one has ever opened the medicine cabinet and sarcastically said, “Oh great! The aspirin is here.” Do you have that fondness for your janitorial service? Are you happy to see the workers? Why? Why not?

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