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What Defines Quality Cleaning Services?

Quality is the cornerstone of every successful, customer-centered cleaning organization.  It is a standard that most commercial janitorial cleaning services strive to reach in order to grow and sustain. The criteria of quality includes:  defining cleaning service requirements, measuring performance, and continuing to produce the standard set on a consistent basis. While every cleaning company has its own tools of performance measuring the real starting point is the customer’s satisfaction and THEIR DEFINITION OF QUALITY.  So, perhaps, QUALITY is best ... Read More


Training Janitors? Why?

When considering Commercial Janitorial Services, many things come to mind. Experience and abilities? Will they keep my building safe? Do they know HOW to clean properly? What chemicals will they use? What about IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)? ...and on and on Can A Janitor Have Training?  Why does one train? Sports players improve their skills.   Secretaries improve their skills.  Drivers improve their skills.  Electricians, carpenters, mechanics, teachers, etc. ALL fields of endeavors, if they have high standards and want to exhibit integrity in their work ... Read More


4 Simple Tips For Handling Carpet Spills

  A Spill On The Carpet!  What's The Best Way to Pick It Up? This might be sad for you to hear, but carpets are the one floor type we don't have a service for, although we do know people that do. Try not to worry, I'd never leave you hanging. That is why I went out and compiled this simple list of things you can do in the event of a spill on your carpet: Try to ... Read More


Let’s Talk Keyboard/Mouse Cleaning!

  Is It Time To Clean Your Keyboard? Disinfecting the key areas in your office to kill bacteria and germs helps to keep down the potential for cross-contamination via touch points, which occurs on desk drawer pulls, computer keyboard, mouse, telephones, wrist rests, and arm rests just to name a few. Doesn't the Janitor Clean My Keyboard? Since these areas (keyboards, mouse and monitors) are usually cleaned by the desk occupant (not the janitorial service) they are often overlooked.   Janitorial services will clean ... Read More


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How to Clean Up Flood Damage

Here in Tampa, we are currently in the middle of getting pounded by Tropical Storm Debby. After one day, you can hardly get anywhere in Tampa without a boat. Many areas are already flooded and there is a lot more rain expected. I have to be honest, I did not expect this kind of rainfall. We have a real storm this time, so I went out and found this article from EHow on how to ... Read More


5 Places You Forgot to Clean

You do a very good job when you clean. You are as thorough as possible. You get the edges, the baseboards, you clean under things. Did you know that you might still be missing things? Here are 5 places you may be forgetting: 1. Ceiling Fans- They are very clever, hiding out of our normal field of vision and so we often forget them. However, they also harbor a boatload of dust that will get dispersed ... Read More


Photo Gallery – Sayyah’s Cleaning

  We want to make you look good! Schedule your free consultation today! If you liked this, please share it and leave a comment below!

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We’re Going Streaking!

I probably got your hopes up with that title, but today we're going to talk a little bit about streaky mirrors. Isn't it a pain when you get finished cleaning your mirror and it winds up covered in streaks? It's frustrating, but it just so happens that it is very avoidable. Here's how: Choose Your Weapon You can walk down the cleaning aisle at any given store and be bombarded with a myriad of choices in glass ... Read More

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