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Training Janitors? Why?


When considering Commercial Janitorial Services, many things come to mind.

  • Experience and abilities?
  • Will they keep my building safe?
  • Do they know HOW to clean properly?
  • What chemicals will they use?
  • What about IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)?
  • …and on and on

Can A Janitor Have Training?  Why does one train?

Sports players improve their skills.   Secretaries improve their skills.  Drivers improve their skills.  Electricians, carpenters, mechanics, teachers, etc. ALL fields of endeavors, if they have high standards and want to exhibit integrity in their work ethic, train and retrain, improve and develop themselves.

  • What does your office restroom smell like?
  • What does your medical exam room floor look like?
  • Do your the common areas reflect YOUR business?

Sayyah’s Cleaning selects the most experienced individuals available for its Crew Team Members so that only the highest standards are provided.  To us, it’s important to continue training (and re-training) and building a team’s skills, knowledge, application of that knowledge, etc.   Sayyah’s EXCELS so as to bring the very best to their clients by having Account Managers who review the night-crew’s work and have periodic training to further develop the individual’s experience and quality.  The end result being to bring satisfaction and peace of mind to our clients.  A confidence that they have hired a reputable, secure, knowledgeable supplier for their commercial janitorial needs.

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