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5 Places You Forgot to Clean


You do a very good job when you clean. You are as thorough as possible. You get the edges, the baseboards, you clean under things. Did you know that you might still be missing things? Here are 5 places you may be forgetting:

1. Ceiling Fans- They are very clever, hiding out of our normal field of vision and so we often forget them. However, they also harbor a boatload of dust that will get dispersed throughout the room when you use the fan. You can purchase long fan blade dusters or you can hop up on a chair or step ladder to clean the blades.

2. Mouse and Keyboard- When you think about how many things your hands touch each day and then how often your hands touch a keyboard and mouse, you start to realize how important cleaning them is. I always like to think of my mouse and keyboard as the Trojan Horse for germs. Keep some disinfecting wipes on your desk. At the end of the day or more if you’d like, give everything a quick wipe. It takes less than a minute and is very much worth your time.

3. Doors- Here is another place that gets touched every day. Over time, you might even notice that the area right around the door knob gets a bit dirty, too. This happens as people grab the door itself on their way out to close it, instead of grabbing the knob. Don’t forget to give the door a good once over with your weekly cleaning. Also, keep the molding around the door in mind as it tends to get very dusty and is often overlooked.

4. Light Fixtures- This falls into the same category as the ceiling fan. Out of sight, out of mind. If left unchecked, they will get filthy. You can avoid that though by dusting them regularly.

5. Behind the refrigerator- This one I have touched on in previous posts. It’s not that it’s very difficult to get behind the refrigerator. They slide out pretty easily. There is just a big mental block for some reason that stops us. The more often you remember to pull out the fridge and clean back there, the less often you’ll be disgusted when you finally remember.

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