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Let’s Talk Keyboard/Mouse Cleaning!



Is It Time To Clean Your Keyboard?

Disinfecting the key areas in your office to kill bacteria and germs helps to keep down the potential for cross-contamination via touch points, which occurs on desk drawer pulls, computer keyboard, mouse, telephones, wrist rests, and arm rests just to name a few.

Doesn’t the Janitor Clean My Keyboard?

Since these areas (keyboards, mouse and monitors) are usually cleaned by the desk occupant (not the janitorial service) they are often overlooked.   Janitorial services will clean these places upon request but usually after the occupant has first cleared their desktop as there is a respect for the work space of the occupant and their papers.  The janitorial services should clean telephone handsets and cradles, along with door knobs, cabinet handles and light switch plates as well as dust monitors (but not if they’re covered with sticky notes) with their daily work detail.

Individuals should clean their own keyboards and mouse, adding machine keys, wrist rests, etc..  It’s easy!  There’s nothing to it!  According to an agent with Best Buy’s Geek Squad the easiest method is using eyeglass cleaning wipes.   Who’d a thought!  They contain rubbing alcohol for sanitizing.  Don’t forget to wipe down your cellphone too!

Sanitize your keyboard, adding machine keypad, wrist rest, armrests, ANYTHING YOUR FINGERS TOUCH (hence the term “touch point”)!   It’s recommended to do this at least every 3 months or after any illness.  If you eat near your keyboard, clean it more often.

Before attempting to clean your work station, turn off the electronics; such as your computer, calculator, etc..  Compressed air will blow out any dust from the keyboard.  Then wipe the keys with the eyeglass wipe(s).  You may even use these wipes on the monitors.  It’s also relatively important to keep the tower free of dust by wiping off the exterior.  Don’t vacuum the inside but feel free to use compressed air to gently blow it out.  Use caution with the inside though.

So, take a look around at your work area and invest the few moments it takes to do a little cleaning.  This will pay off for your health and your environment where you spend 8+ hours a day!

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