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How to Clean Up Flood Damage


Here in Tampa, we are currently in the middle of getting pounded by Tropical Storm Debby. After one day, you can hardly get anywhere in Tampa without a boat. Many areas are already flooded and there is a lot more rain expected. I have to be honest, I did not expect this kind of rainfall. We have a real storm this time, so I went out and found this article from EHow on how to handle flood damage in your home. Please be safe, folks!


Flood waters can cause both visible and hidden damage to your home. Sometimes, the damaging effects continue long after the storm has passed. Dangerous microorganisms can grow and prosper and cause health problems. If you know how do water damage clean-up, you can spare yourself and your family from major discomforts.


1Get rid of standing water. Standing water provides the ideal conditions for germs and bacteria to grow and multiply. These microorganisms can breed in porous materials such as carpeting and then eventually get into the air and can be inhaled. This can trigger allergic reactions and make you sick.

2 Dry out your home and the air inside. Use your air conditioner or de-humidifier to reduce moisture. This is the only way to stop the allergy causing microorganisms from growing and spreading. It will also limit the spread of dust mites which are a leading cause of allergies and asthma. It can take several weeks for flood soaked items to dry. If you smell a musty odor, that means the microorganisms are still growing. They will always be present, but they need humid conditions in order to grow.

3 Throw away anything that came into contact with the flood water. This is an important part of water damage clean-up because items that were soaked by flood waters can pose a health hazard. Especially if they are made out of absorbent material. You may be able to save some items by cleaning them but it must be done within 24-48 hours of exposure. If not, then microorganisms may hide in them and affect the quality of air in your home.

4 Clean your home thoroughly. Wash and disinfect walls, floors, shelves and effected items. Heating and air conditioning ducts should be cleaned with a disinfectant and sanitizer if they were exposed to flood waters.

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One Response to “How to Clean Up Flood Damage”

  1. Nice post. You have very well elaborated the method of flood damage cleanup. But you missed the problem of molds that is closely associated with flood. You should use anti-mold products to clean your house and dry it as soon as possible because without moisture molds cannot last for a very long time.

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