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How to Get Sharpie off of Everything

The Sharpie marker is our friend. It tells us what is inside of boxes. It helps our favorite celebrities autograph our memorabilia. It let's us now what date we put the chicken in the freezer. It also has a darker side, though, in the wrong hands. It ruins paint. It disfigures couches. It redecorates floors. So, what can you do when your child grabs your beloved friend and uses it against you? It turns out ... Read More


The Power of Vinegar

We all know that distilled white vinegar is our coffee pot's best friend, but did you know that it also has many household cleaning uses? It has high acidity levels so it is great for killing mold, bacteria, and germs. It is also cheaper and safer than harsh chemicals! Here are just a few things you can do with distilled white vinegar: Soak a washcloth in it for a great counter top cleaner that kills bacteria ... Read More


Easy Mopping Tips

1st off, make sure to sweep thoroughly. Remove any stubborn marks with all purpose cleaner. Fill a bucket with a mixture of hot water and floor cleaner to the specifications on the label. Mop backwards so you are not stepping on your freshly mopped floor. As soon as the water starts to become dirty, change it out for clean mop water. This will help you avoid getting dirty streaks on the floor. Do the towel shuffle. When mopping a frequently ... Read More


Don’t Whine Over Spilled Wine

What can you do to remove red wine stains from your carpet, rugs or clothes? Your Response Dab the spill with a clean cloth to try to soak up any excess wine immediately, if not sooner. Now you can go after the stains with a myriad of cleaning options. First you can take your favorite carpet shampoo or clothing stain remover, and clean as you would if the wine stain were any other kind of dirt on ... Read More


Clean Behind Your Appliances

How often should you clean behind your appliances? It's not just your refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. You also have appliances on our counter, like blenders, toasters, toaster ovens, coffeemakers, and deep fryers. It's usually those smaller appliances that require you to clean behind them more regularly. Follow these tips to clean behind your appliances. Start with the big guys, and work your way to the smaller ones. Fridge ,p>Pull your fridge away from the wall, but watch the ... Read More

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